Patti Hall Reviews

“Blend of passion and power.   Patti Hall masterfully blends passionate vocals, intelligent lyrics and irresistible melodies throughout her new CD.  She is a talented country artist who is capable of crossing over into a variety of genres, without ever losing sense of her pop sensibilities.”  Eugene Foley/Foley Entertainment, Inc.

“I love this song!  It smokes!  Listen to the production on this and her voice…” Ichabod Caine, morning DJ, 94.1 KMP Seattle, about Settle Down Cinderella

“Wow, girl!  You’re gonna be famous!  I like it!”  Lia Knight, nationally syndicated radio personality about Settle Down Cinderella.

“One soulful cowgirl!  Patti is one of the coolest cowgirls I know and has one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard…she knows who she is and she “aint skeert” and I love that about her!  Out of all the songs she had to choose from in Nashville, I’m so honored that she chose one of mine to record.  Make sure you add this to your collection!  :-)”  Templeton Thompson, Artist, Songwriter (Settle Down Cinderella)

“Outstanding job Patti!  We look forward to having you back next season for another National Anthem performance”.  Seattle Supersonics

“Patti Hall is a blend of grace and power, whimsy and heartbreak.  She is unaffected, yet possesses as gift that will make you stop in your tracks.  Patti and her latest project, Never Ask Why reaffirm that there is a place in our world for good music, excellent musicianship and an incredible voice!”  Dean Backholm, Artist, Songwriter

“Thank you Patti!   Your version of the National Anthem was one of the best we’ve ever experienced.”  Ellensburg Rodeo Board

“Excellent work!  Wow!  Excellent work!  I really LOVE High Powered Love.  That makes me want to roll back the sunroof in my car and cruise down I-5 way too fast.  I can’t think of anything critically to say because it’s all so well done.  You should be really proud of your efforts!”  Ron Erak, Producer, GMI Media

“Love it!  Great songs…great production…great singer….total package!”  Sam Gay, Producer, Artist, Songwriter

“You are divine!  Yes, absolutely DIVINE – and so is your golden voice!  Congratulations on a wonderful show.  We loved every minute!”  Theresa J.

“What a great CD this is!  I love all the songs, but Mark accompanying Patti on This Love is Real is my favorite because their two very different voices blend together SO beautifully!  The CD insert photos and graphic design are lovely, too.”  Gale N.

“Outstanding CD!  This is the best CD I’ve heard in a long, long time!  This Love is Real immediately became my favorite song.  WOW!  The heart Patti puts into Old Paint stirs warm, cherished thoughts of my hero’s…the real cowboys of yesterday and today and the horses and life they love.”  Dwight L.

“The new CD is even better than Patti’s first one…if possible!  We LOVE the songs on Patti’s new CD.  Especially fond of the one she does with her husband, Mark. Very sexy!”  Marian F.

“Loved the first CD and am LOVING the second!  Can’t wait to hear her nationally on my XM Radio-Highway 16!  Her voice just grabs you right where it counts!!!!  Sometimes soothing and sometimes you just want to get up and dance and hoot and holler REAL loud with her!”  Lucy P.

Silver Platters Stores

Dec 2005 Country Top Sellers (All Stores)
1. Johnny Cash
2. Johnny Cash
3. Martina McBride
4. Kenny Chesney
5. Patti Hall

"Patti has been on our top seller list for 4 weeks!" Tim W./Silver Platters Corporate office.


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