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Patti Hall - Breakthrough Country Artist Of The Year!!!
What a night! The nominations were incredible, but coming home with an award in hand is something else and I'm so grateful. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful journey.

Love, Patti

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Nominated for 3 New Music Awards!
- Patti Hall "Waitin On A Train" Adult Contemporary Single of the Year!
- Patti Hall, Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year!
- Patti Hall, Crossover Artist of the Year!

Waitin on a Train Hits the Top 5!

New Music Weekly Charts 9/21/2007

Adult Contemporary Chart

TOP 10
Top 40 Independent Artist Format

TOP 20
Hot 100 (Top 40 & AC/HotAC Formats)

TOP 40
Main Country Chart

Patti Gets Big In The Big Apple
Check out Patti flashing her smile in Times Square!

Patti Hall's "Waitin on a Train" Keeps Climbing!

New Music Weekly's Charts for the week of June 8th:

AC/HotAC Main Chart: #34 (up from #40 last week)
AC/Hot AC Top 30 Indie Chart: #27 (up from #30 last week)
Hot 100 Chart (Top 40 and AC/HotAC Formats): #67 (up from #76 last week)

Northwest Singer Patti Hall to Open for “Trailercana” World Tour Stop at Columbia County Fair

Sept 2007 — DAYTON, WA – Sing like you mean it. Ride like you dream it. That winning mantra is working well for Northwest singer Patti Hall. Her passion for horses and music started in childhood. However, it wasn’t until recently she finally grabbed the reins when her inner cowgirl whispered it was time to go ride her dreams. She’s back in the saddle and back behind the microphone, enjoying the ride on both counts.

This spring she released her first national single “Waitin’ on a Train” and the song continues to fly up the New Music Weekly charts. Co-written by country heartthrob Joe Nichols, it’s from her first CD “Never Ask Why.” The single currently sits at #10 on the AC/HotAC Chart and is in the top 20 of the Hot 100 Top 40 & Adult Contemporary Charts. Gaining radio play across the country, a few weeks ago it crossed over and even started climbing the main country charts. That’s rare for an independent artist. Local audiences will have two opportunities to hear this newcomer’s velvety, haunting style live at the Columbia Country Fair.

Ms. Hall opens for Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours. The band’s world tour includes a special stop in Dayton. This is due in part to local sponsorship support including Airstream of Spokane, Banner Bank of Dayton, and Les Schwab of Walla Walla. McClain was raised in a trailer park in Kentucky and the band’s latest CD “Trailercana” draws from humorous homegrown characters as well as touching personal adventures. Traveling with the band is Bobby Cochran of Steppenwolf. Other guests appearing on the new CD include Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, Tommy Smothers and Bonnie Bramlett.

Performances are Friday and Saturday evening, September 7th and 8th at the Columbia County Fairgrounds in Dayton. Fans will have the opportunity to meet the performers following each show. Admission to the concert is included with purchase of a $10 fair ticket. For a complete fair schedule go to www.historicdayton.com/commcalendar.htm.

"Patti Hits The Charts!"

June 1 SEATTLE, WA – It’s never too late to follow a dream.  And according to singer Patti Hall, if you’re going to dream, dream big.

At 46, the Seattle business woman has turned her world upside down.  Encouraged by family and music industry professionals a couple years ago, she recorded her first full length CD “Never Ask Why.”  Last month, she mustered the courage to release her first national single, “Waitin’ on a Train.”

Within 30 days, the song has flown faster up the charts than anyone expected, and shows no signs of slowing down.  She’s already broken into three New Music Weekly charts and is sitting at #30 on the Adult Contemporary Top 30 Indie, #40 in the Adult Contemporary/Hot Adult Contemporary (Soft Rock/Upbeat Rock) and #76 in the Top 40 & Adult Contemporary/Hot Adult Contemporary Formats.   The song is quickly gaining radio play throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia. 

Co-written by popular country heartthrob Joe Nichols, the haunting “Waitin’ on a Train” is about having the courage to face personal pain and the need to take risks in order to move forward.  The title is fitting, as trains have long symbolized freedom and adventure.  There simply couldn’t be two more appropriate themes to describe Ms. Hall’s personal story. 

Following a near tragic riding accident 20 years ago, she abandoned two of her greatest loves, horses and music.  The fall left her with broken fingers, shattered ribs, and a fractured skull. At that time she was also a recognized performer on the Seattle club scene.  One day she walked away from both horses and music to build a respectable career in commercial real estate. Happily married, she then settled down and created a family.  One day that inner cowgirl told her it was time to reclaim her two earlier passions, and this time to do it with gusto. 

“I’m not going to sit around wondering what might have been.  I’m facing all my fears and have climbed back in the saddle to ride horses and back into the recording studio,” she said.  “After all, you don’t regret in life what you do; you regret what you don’t do.”

Ms. Hall’s train of dreams has left the station and she’s climbed aboard for the ride of a lifetime. 


"Waitin on a Train" — Released to US Radio on April 30th!

April 9
— Pacific Northwest country singer Patti Hall is listening to her inner cowgirl.   She recently rediscovered two of the greatest loves she’d set aside over a decade ago, horses and music.  This time she’s approaching them both with precision and maturity.  The results are catching the eye (or shall we say ear) of country music fans around the globe.  In March 2007, her CD “Sooner or Later” found its way to radio stations in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.  One of her hits “Waitin’ on a Train” is listed in the top 40 in the International Country Music Air-Play charts in the Netherlands.  Also, two of her songs hold number two and three positions on a French radio station’s playlist according to the European Planet Country charts. 

But it takes more than luck and perseverance to breakthrough in the country music industry, it also takes talent.  A few years ago, a raw demo she’d recorded for family and friends caught the attention of musical heavyweights in both Nashville and Seattle.   They were so impressed with her vocal ability they offered support in the form of world class songwriting and studio musicians.  

The high powered team has created three catchy, yet soulful hits, a surefire combination needed in order to make it to the top of the charts.  The collection includes "Settle Down Cinderella" (Sam Gay, Templeton Thompson & Porter Howell), "Waitin’ on a Train" (Matt Hendrix, Robin Lee Bruce and Joe Nichols) and "Somebody" (T. Wade and Bonnie Bramlett).

International audiences are tuning in and she recently played locally to a packed house at the Ruins Restaurant in downtown Seattle.  During the holiday season of 2005 her debut full length CD “Never Ask Why” held onto the top seller list at local music stores for over four weeks.  When first released, she was interviewed by radio personalities including Seattle’s top country station prime time morning DJ Ichabod Caine.  He played and loved “Settle Down Cinderella” and said “it smokes.” Nationally syndicated radio celebrity Lia Knight also commented “wow girl, you’re gonna be famous.”

Ms. Hall’s not only back in the musical saddle, she’s climbed once again on the backs of real horses.  No easy task given the near tragic riding accident 20 years ago, which left her with broken fingers, shattered ribs, and a fractured skull.  But the accident did not break her spirit.  Her philosophy today is simply nothing short of inspirational. “You don’t regret in life what you do; you regret in life what you don’t do,” she said.   “It doesn’t matter how you fall, sooner or later what matters most is how you get back up again.”


February 10 — Well howdy and a big hello to y’all!  Notice my southern accent?  Couldn’t help but pick that up from my Nashville friends that were here in Washington visiting last month.  I tell ya, we had the best time!  After recording my project in Tennessee a couple years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet up with the songwriters of  “Settle Down Cinderella”, that rockin country girl song that started it all for me.  Husband and wife team Templeton Thompson (templetonthompson.com) and Sam Gay co-wrote the song with their good buddy Porter Howell of Little Texas fame.  Sharing the love of music and horses, Templeton and I became fast friends.  In October of 2006 I headed to Nashville for a visit with them that included a journey up to Lexington, Kentucky to ride with the incredible horseman, Buck Brannaman (buckbrannaman.com).  “Tempy” and I rode for 4 days with Buck and had a blast.  We learned a lot and laughed a lot.  We toured some famous Lexington race horse breeding farms like “Calumet” and “Hill and Dale”.  Standing at Seattle Slew’s grave was a sobering moment.  Standing right next to his son, “Vindication” was amazing.  Beautiful stallion with a coat of black velvet.  What a stunningly gorgeous animal.  Last month Sam and Tempy came to Seattle for a visit and a couple of shows.  They are incredible singer/songwriters.  I was thrilled to introduce and share them with my friends and family.  The shows were a sell out and they were a big hit.  Sam rocked at learning my songs and Tempy’s voice sounded like an angel douing background vocals for me.  It was so much fun to do an acoustic show.  Also joining us on stage for the Seattle show was dear friend, singer/songwriter, Dean Backholm (deanbackholm.com).  We pulled a couple songs out of the bag from our old duo days and had a great time.

Thanks so much for your love and support of my music.  We’ve got some fun things going on this year.  I’m heading to Nashville again this spring to do some writing and recording.  Read on below for more details and check back often for updates.   Have a happy day!  Patti


I’ve been invited to participate in a international radio campaign starting spring of 2007.  Thanks to CD Baby’s distribution network known all over the world, CD’s have already sold not just in the US, but also to Japan. England,  Denmark, Italy, Germany and Norway, just to name a few.  An international radio promoter is excited about the music and will be releasing “Sooner or Later” which includes “Settle Down Cinderella”, “Waitin on a Train” and “Somebody” in early March 2007.  The campaign will cover Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  Keep checking this page for updates on the airplay and reviews as they come in! 


January 18, 2007 - Seattle, Washington.  Dinner Show with Patti Hall, Templeton Thompson, Sam Gay and Dean Backholm  SOLD OUT!

January 20, 2007 - Ellensburg, Washington show with Patti Hall, Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay.

March/April 2007 - Writing and recording retreat to Nashville!

April/May 2007 – Ranch trip to ride horses and chase cows in Montana!

June 2007 – Horse camping trip in Washington!

July 2007 – Ranch trip to ride horses and chase cows in Wyoming!

Fall 2007/Seattle, Washington.  CD RELEASE PARTY!  Location and dates TBA.  Stay tuned!


2007 has barely started and there’s already a lot of exciting news.  There’s the shows, the radio campaign and a new CD project.  We’ve got some great songs already lined up.  Look for some original music co-written by Patti in this one.  Check back often for updates on how the new project is coming along.
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